Semi-Permanent Makeup

With Corinne Howe


About Digital Semi Permanent Makeup

Digital also known as Micropigmentation Semi Permanent Makeup, uses a machine very similar to a standard tattoo machine, it has a pen like hand tool and needles attach in various sizes and configurations which create different styles and results. The machine vibrates making a gentle buzzing noise, similar to an electric toothbrush and pushes the tiny needle in and out of the hand tool, gently held against the skin the needles accurately inject pigment into the skin in tiny dots. Lots of different styles can be created by using different needles and techniques, changing the speed of the machine and the hand stroke will change the amount of pigment that is implanted.

The digital method is a lot more exact, the technician can gauge their pressure and depth a lot easier than the manual method, known as Microblading. Microblading originates from Korea and is a manual method using a blade like pencil instead of a machine, to scratch individual hair strokes into the skin. Semi-Permanent Make-Up is a permanent procedure, however, with time the pigment will fade, so to keep the colour density and shape, a colour boost (Top Up) is recommended 12 months after the initial treatment.


Price £350

 Using a specialist digital / micro-pigmentation machine, ‘Hairstrokes’ or ‘Combination Brows’ can be created to fill in gaps, make eyebrows fuller and define the shape, or to correct and cover previous work. ‘Powdered’ or ‘Ombre Brows’ can be soft and subtle or offer dramatic definition with a ‘Power Brow’ effect, which can be ideal for those who regularly wear makeup.

eyebrow work



Top £250

Top Winged £275

Bottom £195

Top & Bottom on same day £400

With the choice of either top or bottom lash lines or both, you can opt for a subtle lash enhancer or a thicker more conventional eyeliner. Eyeliner creates dramatically defined eyes or subtle definition which can make your eyes ‘pop’. A winged eyeliner can also be created.


Price £375
           Beautifully defined and tinted lips 24 hrs a day! Creating the illusion of volume and ensuring that the colour stays put. 
           Ideal for those who may have uneven, pale or thin lips with loss of lip line or those who may have lost shape and fullness with age.  
           A variety of lip colours to choose from.

Lip Work

Check before you book!

It is important to check your technician is fully trained, insured and licenced with their local Environmental health for needling treatments, evidence of this should be displayed in their treatment room. All technicians should insist on meeting clients for a consultation to check medical history and background and to check skin condition. Skin sensitivity patch tests should always be performed at least 24 hours prior to treatments, consultation and consent forms should always be completed and photographs should always be taken pre and post treatment. Your technician should also go through all aftercare guidelines prior to treatment.


Consultation & patch test - Free



Hairstrokes - £350.00

Powdered - £350.00

Ombre - £350.00

Combination (Hairstroke & Powdered) - £350.00

Top up – Within 12-18 months - £125.00



Top - £250.00

Top Winged - £275.00

Bottom - £195.00

Top and Bottom on the same day - £400.00

Top Up – Within 12-18 months

Top - £125.00

Bottom - £110.00

Top and Bottom on the same day - £225.00



Lip Blush / Colour - £375.00

Top Up – Within 12-18 months - £195.00

PLEASE NOTE: Prices include a retouch appointment that must be taken within 4-6 weeks of initial appointment.
Top Ups MUST be taken within 12 – 18 months or treatments will revert to full price.
The reason for this is that the pigment will not ‘take’ after this time and may heal faded and patchy.


Is Semi-Permanent Make-Up safe?

Yes, Semi-Permanent Make-Up is completely safe. Working to strict clinically hygienic standards using sterile equipment, only fully trained and experienced professionals should carry out treatments.

Is the procedure painful?

Every client is different, but as a general rule, clients tend to find eyebrow treatments the most comfortable, with eyeliner and lips usually a little more uncomfortable depending on sensitivity. A topical anaesthetic is applied throughout the treatment.

What will I look like straight after my treatment?

Your Semi-Permanent Make-Up colour will be considerably stronger immediately after the treatment, but it will soften to a more natural shade in time. It is not unusual for lips to appear swollen immediately after the first treatment, but they will return to the natural size and shape within a few days.

Can I wear make-up after my Semi-Permanent Make-up treatment?

You will have to wait until your skin is fully healed before wearing any make-up on the treated area.

What can I do to help the healing process?

At the time of your treatment, you will be given full aftercare instructions. To ensure optimum results, please ensure that you follow the aftercare advice given during your appointment and on the aftercare leaflet provided.

Will I need to take time off work after my treatment?

Lips may be more swollen than normal immediately after the treatment, so you may want to take this into consideration, but there should be no reason why you cannot return to work after Semi Permanent Makeup treatment as long as your work allows you to adhere to the aftercare instructions.